A Gold Standard

A Gold Standard

Our very own head winemaker and all round boss man, Heinrich Storm, recently sat down with M2 magazine to discuss what inspires and motivates him, the challenges he faces and what makes up a typical day of winemaking on Waiheke.

'When Kim and Jean Goldwater first planted the vineyard in 1978, there were many logistical hurdles including having to bring vines, material and posts over by boat. The first two seasons were also failures but over the years, through their hard work and dedication, they were able to build one of New Zealand’s most respected wineries.

In 2011 when they wanted to retire from the industry, they saw an opportunity to give back to New Zealand. Having a long connection with the University of Auckland, the Goldwaters decided that gifting the home vineyard would provide a location for students to learn leading-edge winemaking techniques whilst continuing their legacy.

So Goldwater Estate has become Goldie Estate and a commercial vineyard works side by side with a wine science programme and an opportunity for students to get practical experience. Still, the most important factor for the estate is the wine they produce. The man with this weight of responsibility on his shoulders is winemaker Heinrich Storm. We talk to him about the evolution of Goldie Estate, Waiheke and himself.'

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